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Here you’ll find the available stories of the Moonkys and information on the characters and the world of the Moonkys.

Created by Patrice le Hodey and André Moons, the Moonkys appeared on television through the dynamism of the Odec Kid Cartoons* company, which no longer exists.
Without a producer the authors, Patrice le Hodey and André Moons, regained the rights of exploitation of the films and made this site to show the available material to distributors, publishers and commercial partners.

The public that enjoyed the cartoons, shown for example on the co-productive stations RTBF (Blabla) and TF1 (Ca cartoon !), will find everything to satisfy their curiosity.

Enjoy your visit !

*The Moonkys cartoons are a co-production TF1 – RTBF (Belgian Television) – Odec Kid Cartoons – Moonkys Company – G3 Productions – with the help of the CNC, the French Community of Belgium – and the support of Cartoon (Media II)



Who are the Moonkys ?

The Moonkys live well hidden from human eyes in our gardens, our houses, our forests, our cities. “To live happily, let’s live hidden” are the words they live by. Or, on humans : “Big eyes, big (...)

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