Who are the Moonkys ?

The Moonkys live well hidden from human eyes in our gardens, our houses, our forests, our cities.
“To live happily, let’s live hidden” are the words they live by.
Or, on humans :
“Big eyes, big feet”.
So if you never saw one, that’s exactly the point !

The cartoons relate how the Moonky community in the tree stump lives, including the ‘heroes’ of the serial, three very young Moonkys. Three friends exploring the world : Monk, Sol and Luna.
For their height (6 cm) the lawn is a jungle and a ditch caused by rain becomes a deep canyon.

There is a total of 52 5-minute stories, divided into 17 15-minute episodes, each containing 3 stories, and a Christmas film on ‘special’ format of 52 minutes.

These funny and playful stories are reminiscent of fables, here poetry and humour are most important. The Moonkys’ view of the world suits the funny and instructive situations in which objects and the human world reveal constant surprises.

© The Moonkys Company